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Is there an age limit?

No! We've taken everyone from age 8 months to age 98. Please call to discuss if there is a passenger under two years old.

Is there a weight limit?

Yes. We can take three passengers, totaling approx. 600 lbs depending on fuel load. We can go over this limit occasionally depending upon quantity of fuel on board. We also have a per seat weight limit of 300 lbs. We do a weight and balance in the office before each trip - we weigh every passenger when they arrive for the trip so please don’t be shy on the phone, it is extremely important to get accurate weights!

Is it bumpy, scary, or will I get motion sickness?

No. We often tell people when they ask, “it's like riding on a magic carpet, or sitting on a porch swing and gently lifting off”. Helicopters are much smoother than airplanes; since we don't have wings, we cut right through the air for an ultra-smooth ride.

Do we need reservations?

Reservations are not required, but we do encourage them so that you won't have a wait once you get to the airport. We do welcome walk ins, but on busy days you run the risk of having to wait a while for a flight.

Where are you located?

We are based at Dare County Airport, 410 Airport Rd. in Manteo (if you are using GPS, please use 374 Airport Rd.) on Roanoke Island: our office is in the main terminal building. We are approx. 25 minutes from Nags Head. Manteo is a great place to visit, offering the NC Aquarium, a downtown harbor front area with lots of shops and restaurants, the Elizabethan Gardens, and much more.

Is it a good view, and can I bring my camera?

Yes and yes! Every seat is a window seat, and the visibility is unparalleled. Cameras are encouraged, and we also offer custom flight videos of your trip using a high definition GoPro camera.

Can people with disabilities fly?

You bet they can. We take pride in trying to accommodate all passengers. Depending upon the specifics, we can usually make it happen. Please call to discuss, as it is a case by case basis.

Can we customize our tour?

Sure. We'd be happy to take you anywhere you'd like to go - for any tours over 30 minutes, we switch to our cheaper hourly rate of $549/hr. and pro-rate the trip by the tenth of an hour.

What is your cancellation policy?

We're pretty flexible, but please call us as soon as possible if you need to cancel your flight. We do reserve the right to charge the full trip charge as a 'No Show' fee if you don't call to cancel your reservation.