Kindergarten - 5th Grades

Academic Philisophy / Curriculum


The Lower School consists of kindergarten through fifth grade. Of primary importance is the emphasis the teacher places on each child to discover and enjoy strengths as well as weaknesses. Teachers are dedicated to giving personal attention to each child as they discover the various learning styles and needs of each child. Children learn in a classroom with well-defined routines where they feel secure and confident. Within this setting we introduce a multitude of concepts using fun and varied activities. The colorful rooms with space for group and individual activities and play areas allow for the development of our children physically and mentally.


The students our Lower School have an opportunity to travel outside the classroom for enrichment activities in library, computer, music, and art. Classroom teachers and enrichment teachers develop cross-curriculum material and activities throughout the year. Our children love to read. The library is used extensively by all grades. Each grade visits the library weekly for story time and checking out books. They may do research on computer or encyclopedias. Accelerated Reader and Star Reading tests are given to enhance their reading skills.


Adjoining the library is the computer lab, furnished with multimedia computers for each child. The classroom teachers and the computer teacher plan joint projects for the students. The excellent software provided is age-appropriate and enjoyed by all of the students. Music classes involve children in singing, playing instruments and practicing for performances. These performances help build confidence and self-esteem in the students. The music room is also used for teaching piano during and after school hours. Children have physical education each day. Our large outside playground and the gym provide area for students to be taught a variety of games that build skills and team sports at their ability level. The art lab is filled with wonderful things to create. Students freely express themselves using a variety of art media. The students are proud to display their work around the school for everyone to see.

The Lakeside School Lower School is truly a school for children. From the excellent curriculum that stresses a challenging academic program to the design of our structure, we are a school with a strong future, committed to the education of young learners.





Grading Scale


In grades 1 – 12, the following letter grades are indicated (no grades are given for kindergarten students):

A (Excellent)=100 – 90
B (Good)=89 – 80
C (Average)=79 – 70
D (Poor)=69 – 65
F (Failure)=Below 65






Calculation of 9 Week Grades / Semester Averages


Grades 1-5 will calculate 9 weeks averages by taking total points earned divided by total points possible, and grades 6-12 will calculate 9 weeks averages using the following formula:

  • Tests/major projects – 60%

  • Classwork/quizzes/homework – 40%







Extended Day


The Extended Day program is a service provided for parents of students enrolled at The Lakeside School. The program coincides with the school calendar and is open to students from pre-k through sixth grade. Snacks and drinks are provided. Sessions are offered from 3:00pm until 5:30 p.m. For an extended day application form click here.


-- Extended Day Application Form (.pdf)














  • An AISA Blue Ribbon School

  • 100% of graduates attend college

  • Millions of dollars in scholarships awarded each year

  • Small student to faculty ratio

  • Certified and degreed teachers in all grade levels

  • Community service graduation requirement

  • State Championships in athletics

  • State placements in art show, math team, science fair & scholar's bowl

  • Family atmosphere

  • SmartBoards in classrooms

  • Dual-enrollment college courses

  • Student leadership opportunities

Why choose Lakeside?