9th - 12th Grades

Academic Philisophy / Curriculum


We immerse our students in a broad liberal arts curriculum with an emphasis on helping them develop the knowledge and skills they will need to succeed in our increasingly diverse, interconnected, technologically-driven world. We combine traditional standards of academic rigor and discipline with modern approaches to teaching and learning. We are well aware that advances in technology and communication have dramatically changed our world, and that these changes necessitate corresponding changes in how we educate our children. In today’s knowledge economy, students need new skills It is our goal for our curriculum to help students develop proficiency in seven broad areas:


  • Critical thinking and problem solving

  • Collaboration across networks

  • Agility and adaptability

  • Initiative and entrepreneurialism

  • Effective oral and written communication

  • Accessing and analyzing information

  • Curiosity and imagination


While many of our students attend selective colleges and universities, we are most interested in helping students find the college or university that is best suited for them. Along with strong academic and co-curricular offerings, The Lakeside School Upper School strives to promote leadership, service, and a sense of ownership and responsibility for the school and to prepare students for citizenship in the larger community.

A Lakeside education is an active partnership among parents, students and faculty that is focused on the academic, athletic and personal development of every student. The Lakeside faculty strives to be positive role models who live by the statement "students will not care how much you know if they do not know how much you care." For over 40 years The Lakeside School has prepared young people for success in college and in life.





Graduation Requirements


The Lakeside School offers three diplomas: Advanced with Honors, Advanced, and Standard. All three diplomas choices are considered college preparatory.  The requirements for these diplomas are listed below. All students are encouraged to take challenging courses to meet or surpass their intellectual abilities.


Advanced with Honors: For a student to be eligible for this diploma, he or she must pass the graduation required courses including two years of foreign language, advanced science and advanced math while maintaining an overall numeric average of 85. This diploma option also requires 75 hours of community service.


Advanced: For a student to be eligible for this diploma, he or she must pass the graduation required courses including two years of foreign language, advanced science and advanced math while maintaining an overall numeric average of 70. This diploma option also requires 75 hours of community service.


Standard: For a student to be eligible for this diploma, he or she must pass all graduation required courses.


The following units must be earned to receive a college preparatory diploma from an AISA accredited school:


SUBJECT:                                           UNITS REQUIRED:


English                                                      4.0 Units

Social Studies                                           4.0 Units

Mathematics                                             4.0 Units

Science                                                      4.0 Units

Physical Education                                   1.0 Unit

Foreign Language                                    2.0 Units

Health                                                       0.5 Units

Fine Arts                                                   0.5 Units

Computer                                                 0.5 Units

Electives                                                   3.5 Units


TOTAL UNITS REQUIRED                      24.0 Units


Any student who has not met full requirements for graduation will not be allowed to participate in any graduation exercises.  It is the responsibility of every student to make sure he/she is “on track” to receive the appropriate diploma.


  • Subjects taken before ninth grade cannot be counted as units for graduation. (Exception:  Algebra I taken in eighth grade.) 

  • Students must meet requirements outlined on the credits checklist reviewed annually by the Dean of Academics and/or Headmaster.

  • Valedictorian, Salutatorian and Honor Graduates MUST RECEIVE an Advanced with Honors.

  • In order to participate in all graduation functions a student’s grades must be evaluated and approval given by the Headmaster.  All correspondence courses and dual enrollment courses must be completed prior to graduation to be considered.





Grading Scale


In grades 1 – 12, the following letter grades are indicated:

A (Excellent)=100 – 90
B (Good)=89 – 80
C (Average)=79 – 70
D (Poor)=69 – 65
F (Failure)=Below 65






Grading Procedures


  • All nine weeks grades will be numerical grades for grades 1-12.

  • Any numerical grade .5 or higher will be rounded up, except a grade of 99.5 or higher, which cannot be rounded up to 100.

  • In order for a student to receive a semester grade of 100, he/she must achieve an actual 100 on the 1st and 2nd nine weeks of each semester.

  • No extra credit assignments are given as we believe this practice inflates grades.






Calculation of 9 Week Grades / Semester Averages


Grades 1-6 will calculate 9 weeks averages by taking total points earned divided by total points possible, and grades 7-12 will calculate 9 weeks averages using the following formula:


  • Tests/major projects – 60%

  • Classwork/quizzes/homework – 40%

      **Nine week tests will be included in the 60% but count as 2 tests.  

Semester Averages will be calculated for grades 9-12 as follows:


  • First 9 Weeks=40%

  • Second 9 Weeks=40%

  • Semester Exam=20%





Dual Enrollment Program


Currently, The Lakeside School has dual enrollment agreements with the following colleges and universities:  (Click links below to read more.)



To find out more about the dual enrollment programs, please visit the Counselor's Corner Blog.






Upper School Community Service Requirement


Because our goal is to prepare our students for lives of responsibility, service and achievement, we require service learning of our students. All Upper School students must complete 80 hours of community service prior to graduation.



To find out more about the Upper School Community Service Project, please visit the Counselor's Corner Blog.






Student Activities


All Lakeside students are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities which may involve planning service projects, producing student publications, or competing on an athletic or an academic team. These types of activities are an essential part of our educational program. The organizations listed below provide needed opportunities for students to show leadership, responsibility and initiative in a setting designed to encourage independence and mature judgment. Each organization has a faculty advisor who is responsible for working with the students to encourage growth in these important areas of development. In addition to all of these activities, opportunities are offered in athletics, where many teams are fielded each year.


  • Senior Beta Club

  • Scholar’s Bowl Team

  • National Honor Society

  • Technology Team

  • Science Bowl Team

  • FCA

  • Oratorical Team

  • SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions)

  • Yearbook

  • Newspaper

  • SGA (Student Government Association)










  • An AISA Blue Ribbon School

  • 100% of graduates attend college

  • Millions of dollars in scholarships awarded each year

  • Small student to faculty ratio

  • Certified and degreed teachers in all grade levels

  • Community service graduation requirement

  • State Championships in athletics

  • State placements in art show, math team, science fair & scholar's bowl

  • Family atmosphere

  • SmartBoards in classrooms

  • Dual-enrollment college courses

  • Student leadership opportunities

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