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The Lakeside School
2020 Varsity Football Schedule

Date               Opponent                                                    Location                        Time

8/20               Meet the Chiefs                                          Reeves Field                  7 P.M.

8/21               Valiant Cross Academy                              Reeves Field                  7 P.M.            

8/28               OPEN

9/4                 Cornerstone Christian                              Columbiana                   7 P.M.

9/11               Coosa Valley                                              Reeves Field                   7 P.M.

9/18               Meadowview Christian                             Selma                             7 P.M.

9/25               Crenshaw Academy                                  Luverne                          7 P.M.


10/2               Edgewood Academy                                 Reeves Field                  7 P.M.

10/9               Lowndes Academy                                   Lowndesboro                7 P.M.

10/16             Banks Academy                                        Reeves Field                  7 P.M.


10/23             Abbeville Christian Academy                  Reeves Field                 7 P.M.

                        *Senior Recognition*

10/29             Springwood (Thursday Night)                Lanett                            7 P.M.            

11/6               1st Round of Playoffs                              TBD                               7 P.M.

11/13             2nd Round of Playoffs                            TBD                               7 P.M.

11/20             State Championship Game                    Troy                              TBD

Head Football Coach:  Josh McConnell                           Head of School:  Dr. John M. Mehaffey        
Asst. Football Coach:  Ryan Langford                              Asst. Head of School:  Susan Hudspeth
Asst. Football Coach:  Britt Martin                                   Athletic Director:  Josh McConnell
Asst. Football Coach:  Caleb Smith                                  Head Cheer Coach:  Kim Beaty
Asst. Football Coach:  CJ Upshaw

The Lakeside School
2020 Junior Varsity/Pee-Wee Football Schedule

Date              Opponent                                               Location                            Time

9/1                Abbeville Christian Academy                Reeves Field                     6:00 P.M.

                     Glenwood School

9/8                Chambers Academy                              LaFayette                          6:00 P.M.

9/15              Glenwood School                                   Phenix City                       5:00 P.M.

9/22              Abbeville Christian Academy*              Abbeville                           6:00 P.M.

9/29              Lee Scott Academy                                 Reeves Field                     6:00 P.M.

10/6              Chambers Academy                               Reeves Field                     6:00 P.M.

10/13            Lee Scott Academy                                 Auburn                             6:00 P.M.

10/27            Glenwood School*                                 Reeves Field                     5:00 P.M.   

* Pee -Wee game only.
Times listed are Pee-Wee games. 
Junior Varsity games will follow.
Head JV Football Coach:  Josh McConnell                       Head of School:  Dr. John M. Mehaffey        
Pee-Wee Football Coach:  Zack Brown                            Asst. Head of School:  Susan Hudspeth
Asst. Football Coach:  Britt Martin                                   Athletic Director:  Josh McConnell
Asst. Football Coach:  Caleb Smith                                  Head JV Cheer Coach:  Kim Beaty
                                                                                            Head Pee-Wee Cheer Coach:  Tamara Parmer