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Giving for Continued Excellence

Giving for Continued Excellence, the fundraising arm of The Lakeside School, supports the mission of the school by generating resources that greatly enhance the educational program for all students. Welcome to The Lakeside School's development web page.  This is a vital component of our school functions as the umbrella for all fundraising at Lakeside. Lakeside relies on contributions from parents, grandparents, friends and alumni to help bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost of operating the school. While tuition provides most of the resources necessary to ensure that our students receive a quality education, Lakeside is committed to doing much more. Never satisfied with just being good, Lakeside strives to be great by offering our students an expansive array of opportunities. This, in turn, requires the support of a large number of donors who are committed to sustaining educational excellence through their gifts and contributions.

Why Give to Lakeside?

The following list reflects a few of the reasons why your support is so important:
  • Giving is traditional in independent schools and helps bridge the gap between tuition and what it actually costs to educate each child.
  • Besides tuition, gifts are the second greatest source of income for The Lakeside School.
  • Contributions to Lakeside are tax-deductible, whereas tuition is not.
  • Successful fundraising can help Lakeside keep tuition raises to a minimum.
  • Virtually every major improvement project undertaken by Lakeside over the past ten years has been made possible as a result of contributions.
  • Every gift, regardless of the amount, is important and appreciated.
  • Supports the people and programs that help ensure educational excellence.
  • Provides critical professional development workshops for teachers.
  • Enhances important programs essential to the overall development of the curriculum, spanning academics to athletics to the arts and beyond.
  • Enables Lakeside to maintain its status as one of the best independent schools in Alabama.

Ways to Support The Lakeside School

Cash Gifts
Cash can be contributed in the form of a check or through a bank draft secured from your local bank. 
Memorials and Honorariums
Memorials and honorariums are gifts given in memory or in honor of a loved one or other special person. 
Matching Gifts
Many companies will match gifts to Lakeside on a dollar-for-dollar (one to one) basis; others match on a two to one or three to one basis. 
Gifts of Securities
Transferring appreciated securities is one of the most tax-wise gifts a donor can contribute. This type of gift enables Lakeside to sell the stock, while the donor avoids capital gains. The donor's gift is deductible at its full market value on the day of the contribution, provided it has been held for at least a year. Thus, it is beneficial to both the donor and to Lakeside. Depreciated securities, on the other hand, can be sold and the cash contributed and used as a charitable deduction. 
Gifts of Real Estate

Donors can also contribute real estate, which Lakeside will in turn sell. By contributing real estate, donors not only realize an income tax deduction, but they also escape the capital gains tax they would have paid on the profit had they sold the property themselves. 

Gifts of Personal Property
Lakeside accepts gifts such as books, equipment, artwork, collectables and other items, so long as they relate to the mission of the school. 
Gifts of Life Insurance Policies
You can contribute life insurance either by naming The Lakeside School as a beneficiary of an existing policy or by taking out a separate policy and naming the school as the owner of the policy. If you name Lakeside as the owner and the beneficiary of the policy, you can use the premium payments as an income tax deduction.